Vehicle Lockout Incidents

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With vehicle window glass, however, size is not a reliable indicator of the cost to replace the glass. From glass industry experts, we learn that as a general rule of thumb, the smallest side window is usually NOT the cheapest glass to replace. On most domestic-made vehicles, a small side window may actually cost more to replace than a much larger door window. The front “wing window” glass of a Buick Park Avenue Ultra sedan is called the front quarter glass. This small fixed pane of glass costs over $1,200 to replace while the cost to replace the larger door window sitting right next to it is just a few dollars over $300.

Body shop personnel advise that with a typical automobile, avoid breaking out any quarter glass, small vent glass or the rear window glass if at all possible. Glass is priced more on popularity and complexity than size, so the smaller quarter glass are often much more expensive than the front door.

The exception to the size rule, however, may be foreign-made vehicles. The door window glass on a top-of-the-line Mercedes sedan for example will cost over $800 to replace while the small quarter glass window next to it may be less than $100 to replace.

So if we follow the experts? advise and decide to break out a door window, which door do you choose? Experts advise that with most vehicles, it is less costly to replace the front door glass. Remember, fixed windows on a vehicle, those that are permanently fixed in place, usually cost more than moveable door glass. So if all other factors were equal and there is a choice between breaking a driver’s door or a passenger’s door glass, it is advisable to break the passenger’s front door glass. This would not present as much of a broken glass hazard to the driver if one still had to operate the vehicle after forcible entry and some basic glass cleanup is accomplished.

For SUV vehicles, price quotations for a four-door Ford Explorer, America’s best-selling sport utility vehicle, were obtained. To replace all window glass in the SUV would cost almost $2,800. The large window behind the rear door, typical of most SUVs, was more than four times more expensive than a door window.

Broken Glass Containment

When a tempered glass window is to be broken to gain access to the interior, crews may decide to contain the broken glass. This is typically done by applying strips of duct tape or a sheet of contact paper to the exterior of the glass. These adhesive materials do NOT work on a wet window or on extremely dirty glass.

A “best practices” method when applying duct tape can use as few as four strips of tape and creates duct tape “handles”. These handles allow the glass to be pulled outward; away from the occupants inside. A procedural guide for glass containment is available online at

TASK: Given information regarding typical glass replacement costs for various makes and model vehicles, develop guidelines for forcible entry at vehicle lockout incidents.


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