Basic Firefighting: SCBA Review

Proper knowledge and use of self-contained breathing apparatus is necessary to help provide a safe working environment for the emergency service provider. Session Reference: Topic: Basic Firefighting: SCBA Review Level of Instruction: 3...

                  • Lift harness assembly and swing so that grasped shoulder strap is resting on

                    left shoulder while right should strap comes across the back to rest on right


                 • Secure harness

        • Over the head

                • Kneel at the end opposite the cylinder valve

                • Grasp backplate/cylinder with both hands

                • Lift harness assembly overhead - let straps hang free, they will fall into place

                  over the elbows

                • Slide harness onto back in proper position

                • Slide harness according to manufacturer's procedure

         • Don facepiece (five piece webbing)

                • Chin first

                • Place webbing over head

                • Secure straps (in order)

                           • Neck

                           • Temple

                           • Top (if needed)

                • Helmet chin straps must be used

           • Safety check

                   • Facepiece seal

                           • Hold hand over regulator connection on facepiece

                           • Inhale slightly and hold your breath momentarily (10 seconds)

                           • Facepiece should slightly collapse and there should not be any leakage or

                             air. If leak is suspected - readjust facepiece and head straps and retry

                  • Exhalation valve check

                           • With hose in the regulator coupling, inhale and exhale to assure function

                           • Foreign matter may lodge in spring assembly



       • Connect regulator to facepiece according to manufacturer's procedure

       • Inhale to check regulator gauge function. Gauge reading should be equal to or

          within 100 psi. Believe the lessor of the two

       • Positive pressure check - break seal with two fingers; check for outward rush of air

       • Open purge valve to check for function

               NOTE: Make sure that the student's helmet is sitting properly on the head, and

               chin strap is secured.


SCBA Doffing

       • Facepiece doffing

               • Remove regulator from facepiece and secure in holder on waist strap

               • Loosen facepiece spider straps by pulling forward the buckles provided

               • Pull facepiece down so as to allow the chin to be removed, then lift facepiece

                 over head. Finish loosening spider straps as in "ready position"

              • Place in a clean area by right foot so as to protect the lens from scratching

                and the inside of facepiece and breathing tube from becoming wet or

                contaminated from dirt, dust, grit, or liquids

             • Clean facepiece as described by manufacturer or see cleaning and stowing

      • Doffing the harness

            • Unbuckle waist and chest straps

            • Loosen waist strap and fully let out using appropriate buckles. Loosen and let

              out shoulder straps all the way. Remove right shoulder strap from shoulder

            • Reach to left shoulder strap with left hand

            • Slide harness off left shoulder