Basic Firefighting: SCBA Review

Proper knowledge and use of self-contained breathing apparatus is necessary to help provide a safe working environment for the emergency service provider. Session Reference: Topic: Basic Firefighting: SCBA Review Level of Instruction: 3...

                     • Learn to work as a member of a team

                • Assigned team will report to the instructor in charge of smoke evolutions in

                   order of their assigned numbers. Instructor will prepare team to enter smoke

                   area. Accountability tags will be collected prior to entry into smoke area.

                • Each team will appoint a leader who will assign the tasks to be performed

                • All will conduct a systematic search

                • When search is completed, team leader will indicate so and team will exit

                  smoke area

        • Communication will be confined to each assigned task

                 • Have the students call out to the instructor when each task is completed

                 • Have the students guide and direct other team member to their assignments

         • Instructor should insure that

                 • All students stay in smoke area until all tasks are completed

                 • Students exit the smoke area when all tasks are completed to the satisfaction

                   of the instructor

                 • Students function with the complete apparatus on for a few minutes before

                   removing facepiece

          • At the conclusion of the smoke evolution, the student will

                 • Collect accountability tag after the smoke evolution has been completed

                 • Refill the SCBA cylinder

                 • Return the SCBA to its proper place


Maze Evolution

       • Students assemble at entrance of maze area with facepiece in place and regulator

         ready for connection

       • At signal of instructor, next student place accountability tag at designated area and

         enters door to maze

       • Student proceeds through maze in a forward direction, attempting to recognize

          area using hands

        • Any obstacle that is suppose to open will open easily (no forced entry is required)

        • Students exits maze at completion of evolution and retrieves accountability tag

       • Students continue to repeat steps until all have successfully completed.



       • Cleaning: Take a small amount of the cleaning liquid provided and wet the

          material provided for cleaning. Wipe out the inside of the facepiece to remove all

          sweat and other foreign materials. Allow to dry. Check once again to be certain

          that all foreign material has been removed and that the inside of the facepiece is

          dry. Check the cleanliness of the regulator connector, the regulator, and the

          exhalation valve for dirt and other foreign material and clean as necessary.

       • Stowing Apparatus: After changing the cylinder, ensure that the cylinder is filled

         and that all straps are extended.

       • Stowing must be done under the supervision of an instructor.

       • Instructor should critique the whole class

              • After all equipment has been stowed, assemble students in appropriate area

              • An overall review of the class and individual student's performance, should be

                made by each instructor. Comments should be made on strong points and weak

                points. Weak points should include:

                     • Donning and doffing proficiency

                     • Controlled breathing