Basic Firefighting: SCBA Review

Proper knowledge and use of self-contained breathing apparatus is necessary to help provide a safe working environment for the emergency service provider. Session Reference: Topic: Basic Firefighting: SCBA Review Level of Instruction: 3...

                     • Psychological comfort (discomfort) while wearing breathing apparatus in a

                       smokey atmosphere

                      • Inability to recognize objects by feel

                      • Teamwork




Basic Firefighting: SCBA Review

• Operation, maintenance, inspection, and cleaning

• Donning and doffing procedures and safety check

• Controlled breathing techniques

• Emergency procedures

• Changing cylinders

• Practical exercises




Practical Skills Checklist

Student _________________________________

Donning SCBA

____ a. Turn cylinder on

____ b. Check low pressure warning bell

____ c. SCBA on properly (cylinder gauge down, straps secured)

____ d. Facepiece seal check

____ e. Donning SCBA within 1 minute

Follow hoseline with vision obscured

____ a. No unusual breathing difficulty

____ b. Did not get disoriented

____ c. Maintained forward progress

____ d. Recognize couplings and direction

Smoke evolution

____ a. Work as a team and performed assigned duties

____ b. No unusual breathing difficulty

____ c. Did not get disoriented

Maze evolution

____ a. Maintained forward direction

____ b. No unusual breathing difficulty

____ c. Did not get disoriented

Post evolution activities

____ a. Clean and sanitize facepiece

____ b. Refill cylinder

____ c. Replace cylinder in backpack properly

____ d. Perform operational check and put unit back in service

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