Vehicle Stabilization - Part 2

Understand the principle of "tensioned" buttress stabilization.Subject:  Vehicle Stabilization, Part 2Topic:  "Tensioned" Buttress StabilizationObjective:  Understand tensioned buttress vehicle stabilization systemsTask:  Review the operation of two...

With a vehicle completely on its roof, cribbing and the Res-Q-Jack can be used together for vehicle stabilization. A rescue strap or chain is hooked at each end to a secure point at the rear or front of the vehicle. Cribbing is placed at the opposite end from the Res-Q-Jack. The center of the strap or chain is then placed over the lip of the Res-Q-Jack and the adjustable straps secured low on the vehicle. Although the Res-Q-Jack is not for hoisting loads, as the handle is operated, the jack will tighten to stabilize and relieve the load on the overturned vehicle.

CRUTCH Fact Sheet

  • Weight: 17 pounds per CRUTCH
  • Material: 11’2-inch square steel tubing
  • Yellow zinc coated base plate: 6 inch x 6 inch with non-skid grid
  • Length: 48 inch to 76 inch
  • End-tool rod: length 11?2-inch
  • End-tool insertion plate: 21’2-inch wide flange
  • Screw jack: eight-inch length, functions as carrying handle, converts CRUTCH to 750-pound capacity lolly column
  • Webbing: 1 inch x 11 feet 8 inch length, 3,300# rating
  • Adjustment: 1-inch wide ratchet device
  • Special features: all attachment pins have retainer cables
  • Retail price: $495/pair plus shipping and handling
  • Manufacturer:

Alpha Rescue Products Inc. Clearwater, FL 727-786-9648

Res-Q-Jack Fact Sheet Companion Jack

  • Weight: 12 pounds each
  • Material: 11?2-inch square steel tubing, painted
  • Base plate: 3 inch x 5 inch with diamond plate surface
  • length: 50-inch to 86-inch
  • End-tool: 2-inch pointed end
  • Webbing: 20-inch wide nylon strapping, 100-inch length, two each
  • Adjustment: 2-inch wide quick- release cam buckles

Jacking Post

  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Material: 11’2-inch square steel tubing, painted
  • Length: 78-inches
  • Base plate: 3-inch x 5-inch
  • Webbing: 2-inch wide nylon strapping, 100-inch length, two each
  • Adjustment: quick release clamp

Jacking Unit Jack: side wind-type, handle permanently attached

  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Material: 2-inch round steel tubing, painted
  • Length: 22-inch to 341’2-inch
  • Jack tongue: 4-inch wide x 6-inch deep with 4-inch x 11’2-inch angle iron lip
  • Retail price: $649/set plus shipping and handling
  • Manufacturer:

Cepco Tool Co. PO Box 153 Spencer, NY 14883 800-466-9626

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