Side-Impact Airbag Identification

SUBJECT: Side-impact airbag supplemental restraint systems (SIPS bags)
TOPIC: 1999-model vehicles
OBJECTIVE: Increase awareness of new vehicles with SIPS bags
TASK: Using this list of 1999-model year vehicles and given a specific make and model of 1999 vehicle, the participant shall be able to identify if the vehicle could be equipped with SIPS bags.

Side-impact airbag supplemental restraint systems, known as SIPS bags, are available as an installed feature or as optional equipment on more than 90 different 1999-model year vehicles. In 1997 there were less than two dozen vehicles with SIPS bags. In 1998, there were almost 40. Emergency responders expect to find dual front bags.

It is evident by this list that we must anticipate side-impact airbags in not only seats and doors, but in roofline areas and even rear-seat passenger areas. Once again, the question is not,