Basic Firefighting: Ground Ladders

The student will demonstrate a basic understanding of ground ladder operations, positioning fire streams with ladders, carrying ground ladders, raising ground ladders, and climbing ground ladders. Session Reference: 2 Topic: Basic...


II. Advancing Hoselines (2-2)

Placing Ladders

• Should be placed where they will be of use in overall operation

• Size up will indicate where building may have to be entered

• Occasionally, properly positioned ladders will not be needed, possibly because fire was quickly controlled from other positions

• Avoid placing ladders in front of building entrance


Climbing Ladders

• Fire fighters carrying lines should be at least fifteen feet apart

• Hose should be grasped at couplings with loops hanging off side of ladder

• Once line advanced into building, it should be moved clear of ladder so it hangs down face of building


III. Positioning Fire Fighting Streams (2-3)

Ladders can be used to hold and position streams being directed into building

• Topmost three or four rungs extend over sill and into window, line is tied to ladder so stream is directed through window opening

• Ladder is raised over window with top placed against wall above, line is tied to ladder, and stream directed onto fire


Ladder should be tied to building if possible

• Ladder in windows tied in with rope hose tool

• Ladder against wall tied to pike pole placed across inside of lower window


Hoseline should be tied to ladder in manner that will allow rope to absorb some of reaction of line when nozzle opened

• Not tied rigidly to ladder rungs

• Suspended between rungs


Can be used to knock down fire ahead of crews advancing interior lines


Ladders streams should be shut down as interior lines approach


• Once ladder stream has knocked down fire, it can be shut down, untied, advanced, recharged, and used for interior attack

• Allow smoke or steam to clear area

• Check interior conditions

• Enter window only when second fire fighter has climbed to position immediately outside window to assist in advancing line and back up


IV. Ground Ladder Practical (2-4)

Demonstrate the following using ground ladders:

• One, two, and three person beam carries

• Two, three, and four flat person carries

• One, two, three, and four person raises

• Placement for fire fighting, rescue, and roof operations

• Climbing


Basic Firefighting: Ground Ladders

• Ground ladder operations

• Placement of ladders and climbing techniques

• Positioning fire fighting steams

• Ground ladder practical