If You Are In The Fire Service You Are An Investigator - Part I

When we are notified of a fire situation, the process of destruction has already started. As firefighters, our jobs of saving lives and property, and reducing the time line of destruction, depend on five questions, to list a few.

2. How many personnel do we provide for our initial search and fire attack?

3. What is the condition of the apparatus and equipment we are responding with?

4. How are we trained to use our assorted equipment?

5. What knowledge do we have of the fire building and the surrounding area?

Over the next six months I will attempt to put you, the firefighter, in a position to think like a fire investigator. In some cases, we have become accustomed to the situations we work in. But to the fire investigator, he or she must routinely take into consideration each of the above questions, in order to properly investigate the fire scene. Let