Concept Vehicles: The 2000 Model Year

SUBJECT: Concept Vehicles and Show Cars
TOPIC: Model Year 2000 and beyond design features
OBJECTIVE: Identify significant features introduced on concept vehicles for model year 2000.
TASK: Discuss how you believe the challenges of model year 2000 vehicle features will be addressed by fire, medical and extrication crews.

There is at least one way that fire, medical and extrication personnel can anticipate some of the rescue challenges that will be presented by model year 2000 vehicles. The answer is to look at the experimental vehicles being shown at major auto shows around the country today. These one-of-a-kind cars, vans, trucks and sport utility vehicles are called "concept" cars or "show" cars, and they provide a glimpse into the future of vehicle design.

Through the courtesy of Chrysler Motors, the University of Extrication looks at one manufacturer