Pickup Truck Training Opportunities

Rescue personnel will understand the procedures necessary to preplan and prepare for pickup truck rescue training.

  • Third doors are on the passenger side of extended cabs for some makes and models and on the driver's side on other brands.

  • The 1997 Dodge Ram 'Quad Cab' introduced the fourth door feature with a limousine-style rear hinged side door on each side of the truck. 1998 Ford pickups now are available with a fourth door feature.

  • It is difficult to determine if a pickup has a third door or fourth door because the seams are so well aligned that you can hardly see the 'door' even when you know it's there.

  • All third and fourth doors latch to the front door requiring the front door to be opened first, then the third or fourth door can be opened.

  • All pickup truck third and fourth doors have two Nader safety lock/latch mechanisms and secure at both the lower rocker panel area and at the roofline of the truck.

  • Third and fourth doors generally do not have outside door handles. It is hidden in the edge of the door. Only the Toyota T150 pickup third door has an outside handle.

  • Because all third and fourth door hinges are concealed, it is not realistic to force open these doors at their hinges while the door remains closed and latched at top and bottom.

  • Full size pickup trucks are available with four forward opening hinged doors, two each side, similar to the design and function of doors on a four door automobile.

  • Passenger side airbag cutoff switches deactivate the electrical feed to the airbag during a crash event. The ignition key operates the switch. With the switch in the 'off' position, the passenger's side airbag will remain 'loaded' after a crash which triggers the driver's side bag.

  • Total roof removal at dashboard level can be accomplished even with the third or fourth door closed and latched, allowing for rapid vertical extrication of occupants.

  • Opening the third (or fourth) door along with a front door dramatically 'opens up' that side of the pickup allowing for longboard extrication horizontally out the side.

  • Remember, when the front door and the third or fourth door are opened, there is NO B-post.

  • When considering 'rolling' the dash of an extended cab pickup truck with a third or fourth door, the diagonal distance from the bottom of C-post to the dashboard at the top door hinge exceeds the maximum extended length of all current model hydraulic rams on the market. (unless ram extension pieces are added)

Task: Given an acquired pickup truck vehicle, responders will prepare the vehicle for safe and efficient extrication training.