Pickup Truck Autopsy - Part 1

The purpose of this two-part article is to provide you, your rescue personnel and your department Training Officer with an increased awareness of the unique rescue challenges presented by pickup truck vehicles.

TASK J: Remove front door at the hinges
Now to simulate the requirement for total door removal, a rescue crew removes the door completely from the truck.

TASK K: Driver's sidewall removal
If the acquired truck has a standard cab or extended cab without a third or fourth door, a crew is assigned to work at opening and removing the entire sidewall structure from the front door Nader latch in the B-post to the rear cab wall. With an extended cab, this is simply multiple layers of thin metal and some inner trim material. It can be completely removed, cut and folded rearward as if it were a door, or cut and laid flat to the ground like a ramp.

If a truck at a crash scene had only one door on each side but had a crew cab rear seat, this task would open the entire sidewall on each side of the truck allowing for removal of the rear seat patients through the side of the truck.