Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement - Part V

In the field of fire prevention and code enforcement, it is commonly known that substantial life and or property loss from a fire incident, locally or abroad, will most always result in an upheaval of concern from the public, elected officials and community leaders. A fire incident where significant property loss, or worse yet, fatalities occur will throw all eyes toward the fire prevention or code enforcement official. Questions will be asked and answers demanded. Did the fire marshal do what was required to prevent such a tragedy from occurring? Did conditions exist that added to the significance of the incident that the fire marshal should have addressed? Concern towards the conditions that attribute to such tragedies will trigger a change in attitudes and behavior of the public we are charged to protect. It is imperative that fire prevention professionals be prepared to respond to these times in a positive manner.

As fire prevention professionals, we know what must be done to promote fire safety in our communities. The issue is