Incident Safety Officer: Duties and Responsibilities

Maybe one of the ISO?s most important duties is forecasting unsafe acts, conditions and behaviors, before they happen.

The ISO needs to be observing for unsafe acts, conditions and behaviors throughout the incident. Among the many items that the ISO must observe, pay attention to the details that might provide clues in predicting what might happen. Then take steps to put a preventive plan into effect before the problems present themselves. In some cases there may need to be assistant safety officers added to the command team based on the size or the complexity of the alarm.

Considering developing and using a safety officer checklist. This will help to make sure that all aspects of the incident are properly and completely considered. This responsibility is much too important to leave to memory or chance. The position of incident safety officer is probability the second most important role that is played out at an incident. There is a lot that goes into performing this job assignment well, but the "climb is worth the view". Until next time, be safe out there!