Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Last week friends of mine were subjected to one of those events that anger me and cause me to run screaming to my word processor. I received written evidence that proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that personal friends, firefighting buddies, and yours truly were all smacked about the head and shoulders by a latter day Monday-Morning Quarterback. Read that as a classic "know-it-all."

You should be familiar with people like this by now. They go somewhere and they look at something. They take pictures to prove they were there, and then proceed to tell the world just how badly everyone present did their jobs. A truly self-serving, one-way view of things is produced and then distributed. These people want you to know how great: they are. They attempt to do this by showing how bad you are.

People like this love to set themselves up as experts over something for which they are not responsible. It is very easy to be critical of someone and something when you are not the one who was forced by the weight of events to make the critical decisions.

That is why I hesitate to judge others after a rough call. I have made some really dumb mistakes in my time, and have been blasted by others who could not resist playing the role of Monday-Morning Quarterback. I have also been tarred and feathered by people who couldn