Is Your Computer & Network Safe?

As computers become more and more essential to successfully manage critical emergency management services, it becomes equally critical that networks are protected adequately.

While on-line computers are also susceptible to hackers who are trying to access your personal and financial information. A personal firewall is very popular because it places a protective barrier between the Internet and the confidential and personal information stored on your PC.

Recommendations to protect your fire department and personal computer:

  • Install reputable virus protection software that detects and removes viruses.

  • Regularly update the virus protection software - new viruses are appearing daily.

  • Limit installation of computer programs without department authorization.

  • Download files only from reputable websites.

  • Exercise care when reading email. Don't download files from persons you don't know. Be careful when downloading unexpected files even from friends or acquaintances.

  • Never open an emailed file that ends with the suffix exe, bat or pif - UNLESS YOU WERE EXPECTING THE FILE.

  • Look closely before you click on any link within an email, be suspicious.

  • Never unsubscribe to what appears to be a SPAM or unsolicited bulk email, it is unlikely to unsubscribe you from the list and validates the email address which insures that you'll get more.

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