It’s Not Me

It has been a little more than a week since 97 people died at the Station club in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Like many of you, I have followed this tragedy as it unfolded on my television screen, and in my local newspapers. There was the usual array of pathos, as devastated friends and relatives were shown mourning their losses. Like most of you, I wiped away many a tear.

That was the initial reaction that washed across our country for a day or so. However, as the week went on, I noticed a shift in the media coverage. There was a little less said about the loss of the people and a little more said about blame. Countless people were attempting to the shift the blame to anyone but themselves. Truth be told my friends, it reminded me of a recurring character I have often seen in the Family Circus cartoon series. The character is called Not Me. Perhaps you have seen this character. Perhaps he lives in your home.

The mom or dad in the comic strip will see an empty cookie jar, a broken dish, or a dirty floor. They will then turn and ask of the three children, "