The Apparatus Architect - II

For a variety of reasons apparatus committees need to have adequate time to define the fire departments specific needs, research individual components and develop an outline listing of specific design criteria.

There are several techniques that can be utilized to reduce the opportunity that some individual or group of personnel within the department can be alienated by the committee selection process. One method is to provide an avenue for input by any member to direct information and comments to the appointed committee. A log book or e-mail site can be designated to allow formal comments and suggestions to be submitted to the apparatus committee. Minutes of all meetings should be prominently posted to provide updates back to the members of the department as to the progress of the committee. A feedback system should be developed to provide for a committee response back to the members who provide input to the group and how their comments were taken under consideration. Having an apparatus architect on hand, that has gone though this part of the process before can help smooth out the rough edges and get your committee of to a great start.

In the next installment of The Apparatus Architect we will get you started with the process of gather information for your new apparatus.