Mercedes-Benz Automobile Side & Rear Window Glass

As a standard feature on selected vehicles within its model lineup, automaker Mercedes-Benz offers an unusual window design.Subject:  Mercedes-Benz Automobile Side & Rear Window GlassTopic:  Entry Procedures for Mercedes-Benz Side and Rear Window Glass

The GlasMaster windshield saw, chopping it out with an axe, or use of a reciprocating saw with a coarse tooth-per-inch saw blade (5-8 tpi) are all techniques to cut through the glass and the lamination to remove the window. You have to cut only three of the four sides of the window. Make one long cut across either the top or the bottom of the window and then cut both short sides. Depending on which long edge you cut, either lift the glass up towards the roofline or lay the glass out down on the trunk. Pull firmly on the sheet of glass to release the adhesive holding the final edge of glass to the vehicle and window removal will be complete. Just like with the windshield, once removed, place the laminated glass underneath the vehicle and out of your way.

TASK: Using a Mercedes S-500 sedan vehicle as an example, explain procedures for forcibly removing thermopane side window glass and laminated rear window glass.

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