Get In Shape With New Dietary and Exercise Guidelines

Less fat, less sugar, more exercise are the latest health and fitness recommendations from The National Academy of Science's, Institute of Medicine.

Recommended proteins ranges haven't changed from previously excepted levels. However, caution is issued against consuming very high levels of protein, significantly above what is normally found in food.

Fiber - Lose Weight, Reduce Risks

There is evidence to suggest that adequate fiber in the diet can promote weight control and reduce the risk of heart disease and colon cancer. The recommended intake of daily fiber for adults under age 50 is 38 grams for men, and 25 grams for women. Over age 50, it's 30 and 21 grams respectively.


These new guidelines on diet and exercise really aren't new. For thousands of years the human race has been very physically active in its day-to-day approach to survival. If one wanted to eat, remaining sedentary was not an option. When looked at in this manner, the recommendation of one-hour of daily physical activity offered by the Institute is not too extreme.

Whether you're a busy mom or dad, waiter or construction worker (or any other occupation that entails a great deal of daily physical work), you more than likely surpass the average American's physical activity level, and you should not consider yourself a sedentary individual. A realistic assessment still needs to be made, but a shorter, possibly more intense body sculpting and, or fat burning program that could be squeezed into your already active lifestyle, might be more appropriate.

The Firefighter's Workout Book can provide you with longer more gentle workouts designed for the less fit and sedentary individual, or a shorter, more intense training system designed to be added to an already physically active and busy day. Whatever category you fall into, be sure to add some form of daily exercise into your life, and back it up with sensible eating.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, this report is based on literally thousands of previous studies on individuals who have been able to maintain a healthy weight and avoid obesity. The information contained therein will probably become the bible on diet and exercise of the next decade.

The Firefighter's Workout Book contains over 50 illustrated exercises and routines, including strength, aerobic and stretching programs for every level of fitness.