Where are you Going? Three Principles for Identifying Your Path

Albert Einstein, perhaps the most intelligent human being who ever lived, once boarded a train in Princeton, New Jersey bound for Boston. Einstein immediately began fumbling for his ticket upon finding a seat on the train.

These principles are deep, fundamental truths that have application for all organizations and programs. Adherence to them will most likely lead to success. Covey says, "principles are guidelines for human conduct that are proven to have enduring, permanent value. They're fundamental. They're essentially unarguable because they are self-evident." Combined with good management practices, strong administrative support, and a workplace climate that is conducive to employee participation these principles should assist any organization or program achieve success. If you can develop a clear vision, enjoy the join-up of all personnel, and keep your eyes on the prize, then your organization or program can find success. Organizationally, when you reach that fork in the road you will be able to immediately identify which way to go and that should make all the difference!