2002 Start-Up Workout

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Right now, you're sitting in front of a computer screen reading about how to get started on some sort of fitness program that will make sense to you and fit into your life.

I can't pretend to know you well enough to know what the specifics of that program are, but I do know this: you better make this the first step toward getting started. Because if all you do to get fit is read about it on the web, you're in trouble.

Motivation is the key ingredient in any fitness program. You've got to want to be fit and you've got to see for yourself the benefits of putting yourself through a fitness program - any fitness program.

It's true nothing motivates like success. Just starting out, and seeing some small progress, will make it easier for you to stick with your program -and down the road, possibly longer, more intense routines.

The 2002 Start-Up Workout is a moderate-to-low intensity strength and flexibility routine, done in an aerobic, or fat burning fashion. The routine can be done by mostly everybody in under 20 minutes, and only a few inexpensive pieces of equipment are required (all of which will slide under your bed, or stow away in a closet when you hit the showers). This means no large investment of time or money!

Required Equipment:

See HOME GYM ESSENTIALS for more information.

The exercises are a combination of low-stress-and-strain (yet highly effective), resistance movements, and some gentle stretches, done in a series or circuit. The routine can be repeated up to three times weekly, on non-consecutive days (IE: Monday, Wednesday and Friday). It's important to rest at least one day between each session.

Start-Up Guidelines:

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