Volvo V70 Inflatable Curtain

SUBJECT: Stored-Gas Airbag Inflator Modules.
TOPIC: Volvo V70 station wagon roof-mounted airbag system.
OBJECTIVE: Understand safety concerns and changes in rescue procedures necessary when working near stored-gas airbag inflator modules on a 2001 or newer Volvo V70 station wagon.
TASK: Identify the locations of the two Volvo V70 station wagon stored-gas airbag inflator modules and describe how roof extrication tasks can be affected by the presence of these units.

The 2001 Volvo V70 station wagon has the roof-mounted IC, or Inflatable Curtain, airbag system installed as standard equipment. The IC airbag system utilizes stored and pressured gases inside a sealed cylinder to inflate the airbag in a side-impact collision.

When the Volvo S80 sedan was introduced as a 1999 model, the January 1999 edition of the University of Extrication featured information on the car