Hybrid Vehicles Part 3

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The battery in the Honda Insight is easily accessible to service technicians and emergency responders.

Before attempting to rescue occupants from a damaged Honda Insight hybrid vehicle, it is also important to reduce the potential for high-voltage current to flow into the cables from the motor or high-voltage battery. As stated previously, the best method is to turn the ignition switch off. This simple action:

  • Turns off the engine and the motor, which prevents electric current from flowing into the cables from the motor or high-voltage battery, and,

  • Turns off power to the airbags and the seatbelt pre-tensioners.

After turning off the ignition switch, it is recommended that emergency responders remove the key so the car cannot be inadvertently restarted. To let everyone at the crash scene see that the key is removed, place it on top of the dash, directly in front of the steering column. In this location, it can be viewed from every side of the vehicle.

Disconnect 12-Volt Battery

At this point, the high-voltage system of the Honda Insight or Toyota Prius has been isolated. This improves responder safety in and around the vehicle. We must now, however, work to shut down the 12-volt electrical system on the hybrid just as we typically do on any conventional vehicle.

Locate the 12-volt battery. The battery on the Prius is located inside the driver