Roof-Mounted Side-Impact Airbag System Technology

SUBJECT: Roof-Mounted Side-Impact Airbag System Technology
TOPIC: 2001 model year Audi A6 side-impact airbag system
OBJECTIVE: Improve responder familiarity with the design, components and operation of a roof-mounted side-impact airbag system.
TASK: Utilizing information from a real-world crash incident, develop operational plans for safe and efficient operations involving vehicles with roof-mounted side-impact airbag systems

Collision damage to the 2001 Audi A6 is evident along the fender in front of the tire.

The car had traveled only about 200 feet from where it was parked before the crash occurred. Although the damage appeared to be minor and there were no injuries to any occupants, that collision ushered in a new era for Plano, TX, Fire Rescue responders and the fire service of this country. This case study is the first documented crash involving a 2001 model year Audi A6 where a roof-mounted side-impact airbag deployed.

By studying this incident, responders can better understand the components and operation of this unique airbag system. As you will see, the medical and vehicle rescue techniques we use today will have to be modified in order for our personnel to safely operate around these new airbag systems.

The side impact caused the roof-mounted airbag and the airbag within the driver