Good News ... And Your New Year's Resolutions

Chief Billy Goldfeder gives some tips on resolutions you need to have for 2003.

First, a GOOD NEWS update on FDNY Lt. Stephen Halliday who was critically injured on Nov. 7th, 2002.

He is making a remarkable recovery. Fortunately, his PASS device functioned properly, his bunker gear protected him...AND the staffing at that fire was good enough to allow an effective rescue. As we like to say..."How would that have been handled at your FD"?

So many times, we STILL hear of FD's that STILL don't have automatic PASS devices on their SCBA's...FD's that respond with ridiculously low staffing or firefighters not wearing their a matter of fact, I recently was advised of a Chief officer in northern Ohio who entered a building without any gear whatsoever (with heavy smoke showing) and the room flashed...he was wearing his street clothes. He woke up in the burn unit. Predictable? Duh. When is the last time you even checked out your bunker gear to see how it's holding up? Recently, a nearby FD inspected their gear and it looked fine from the outside-and then found out the insides had deteriorated...interior material layers made of inferior materials were destroyed (the outer layers looked fine) but they had no clue until they thoroughly checked it out. If you don't check your "stuff" one else will.

Well -- It's 2003. Who knows WHAT'S gonna happen in this business of ours-hopefully, like FDNY (no firefighter deaths in 2002) the rest of the nation will mimic that in 2003. On the other hand-just by looking around, reading this webpage can kinda predict what will probably happen. Now-please don't expect some deeply philosophical statements below to suggest HOW it can all change-you know what needs to happen. This ain't rocket science pal.

BUT I did come up with a few "Firehouse.Com New Years Resolutions" that you might find of value for the New Year of 2003! These are VERY handy little can copy them, paste'm up, pass them on, put on desks, post on lockers and slide under doors! My gift to you.


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