Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement - Part III

The primary responsibility of any fire prevention official is to enforce the fire codes adopted by their respective jurisdiction.

The primary responsibility of a fire prevention office is to gain compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. This entails being able to effectively educate property owners and business representatives as to what fire code requirements are applicable to them and ensure that they understand the importance of those requirements. Fire Inspectors find themselves wearing a multitude of different hats dependant upon the situation they are dealing with. Those roles include a varied combination of firefighter, lawyer, police officer, counselor, consultant, and advisor. They somehow manage to perform all of these roles as need while balancing on a politically narrow fence.

The responsibilities of a fire prevention/code enforcement officer offer few but very gratifying rewards. Every inspection performed or violation corrected results in a safer condition than which they arrived. These responsibilities must be taken seriously with the highest degree of professionalism and knowledge of the codes, ordinances and laws they must enforce.