We Are The Masters of Our Own Fate

Times are tough in the fire service right now. We are no longer the darlings and heroes of the Post - 9/11 world. We in the fire service are once again seen as just one more drain on the local budget. This confirms many of my earlier observations about the short memories and lack of sincerity among politicians and political appointees.

Many fire departments are facing layoffs. How bad is it? Even Phoenix is facing the possibility of laying-off a number of civilian employees. How do I know this? In the last issue of the Phoenix newsletter, it was mentioned that production and distribution of the newsletter was being halted as a money-saving effort, and that civilians were going to be laid off. Times are truly tough. Nevertheless, that means that we have to be just a little smarter and tougher than the people in city hall.

I cannot recall the number of times I have heard a chief fire officer curse the fate that dealt them the lousy hand they must play in the card game of life. If only they had more money. If only they had better equipment. If only they had better people, more skilled at knowing how to follow the orders of the brilliant person chosen for the role of fire chief. Sound familiar?