New Products 2/12

Polypropylene Tank

UNITED PLASTIC FABRICATING INC. (UPF) has introduced the POLY-TANK III polypropylene tank. Color-coded fill towers identify water and foam towers. A blue tower indicates the water fill tower. Foam towers are yellow, green and black. The PolyProSeal design consists of a sealant material that is placed in a groove between the welded plastic sheets. The Tanknology tag provides specific information for each tank in an accessible location on the apparatus. Every tag contains a unique QR code to be scanned using a smartphone.


Retractable Step

ZIAMATIC CORP. (ZICO) has added the retractable Model VS-20-5 to its QUIC-STEP line of vehicle steps. Requiring a mounting surface only 24 inches wide and nine inches deep, the step fits in smaller, more-restrictive spaces on tilt cabs and other apparatus with depth limitations such as air filters. The step is made from high-strength aluminum alloy and steel while providing an optimal stepping distance. Powered by a 12V electric actuator, the step features a patented over-center locking mechanism to hold it extended rigidly in place.


Six-Gallon Backpack

SCOTTY FIREFIGHTER offers the six-gallon 4002B BRAVO backpack, designed to be a simple, portable reservoir for water and/or foam concentrate (Class A or Class B) used during fire operations. The system consists of an outer shell with a removable inner bladder. The outer shell is made in a high-visibility yellow, ballistic nylon fabric and is extremely durable and UV resistant. Each backpack has a four-inch-wide filler port with lid and a standard three-quarter-inch garden hose thread for an outlet.


Idle Reducer

HAVIS has introduced the IdleRight2 idle reducer, designed to reduce fuel consumption, save maintenance costs and extend vehicle life. The unit minimizes idle time by monitoring the battery’s voltage while the vehicle is turned off and electronics are still on. Reducing idle time saves fuel, prevents unnecessary engine wear and decreases harmful emissions. The system works with many after-market remote starters, allowing greatly simplified installation and lower cost. It features an LED diagnostics system and a Return on Investment Calculator.


Emergency-Response Weather System

COASTAL ENVIRONMENTAL has added a Gamma radiation sensor into the new WEATHERPAK MTR Gamma emergency-response weather system. The sensor measures the relative amount of background gamma radiation present and allows first responders to quickly identify the presence of a potential deadly hazard. The system also features an advanced touch-screen and innovative software.

Pre-Incident Software

THE CAD ZONE INC. has introduced First Look Pro Version 5 (FLP 5), a software program that lets fire service personnel organize and locate pre-incident plans, site diagrams, maps and photos. Features include user-defined fields; compatibility with the WISER Hazmat Program to help first responders handle hazardous materials; mutual aid synchronizing among fire departments; an option to let multiple occupants be grouped together under a “parent” pre-plan that gives the incident commander a strategic view of a large facility; and a new fire-flow calculator.