New Products 3/12

Rechargeable Flashlights

STREAMLIGHT has introduced the SL-20L and SL-20LP rechargeable flashlights. Both lights use a C4 LED to deliver up to 350 lumens measured system output and 60,000 candela peak beam intensity for long- range beam distance. The lights also feature a deep-dish parabolic reflector that optimizes peripheral illumination while providing a tight, focused beam. Both models feature a multi-function, push-button barrel switch that permits one-handed operation of the momentary, variable-intensity or strobe modes. The C4 LED is impervious to shock and has a 50,000-hour lifetime.

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Power Supply

KUSSMAUL ELECTRONICS has introduced the Model 091-195-12 Battery Saver Low Ripple HO, a power supply with a load transfer relay. The 20-amp unit, designed to remove the load from the vehicle battery, is low ripple, which transfers a load from the battery to the power supply, eliminating any interference with sensitive electronic equipment such as a computer. Inputs are the +12 volts from the vehicle’s battery and 120 volts AC shore power. A mobile data terminal (MDT) or computer may be connected to the output terminal.

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Rescue Trailer

SHAME EMMONS TRAILERS has introduced the Balistica narrow-access rescue trailer. The lightweight, fast-access medical rescue wagon can be hauled by hand or by approved ATVs or motorcycles. The trailer uses a Junkin rescue basket that detaches from the haul platform for diverse rescue operations. The haul unit has four-wheel steering for maneuverability around off-road obstacles such as rocks and trees. Additional loading stability is gained through individual parking brakes on each wheel. The unit fits into a short-bed pickup with the tailgate down.

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Clean-Air Systems

MAGNEGRIP GROUP offers MagneGrip exhaust-removal systems and AirHAWK air-purification systems to eliminate exhaust fumes and other airborne contaminants that pose critical health risks and are released by vehicles and heavy equipment operated in firehouses. The exhaust systems use flexible hoses that connect directly to vehicle tailpipes. The “source-capture” systems provide automatic activation and automatic release as vehicles exit. The air-purification systems feature ceiling-mounted units positioned to eliminate contamination. Units are available for bay areas, living spaces, offices and exercise areas.

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Scene Lighting

VENTRY SOLUTIONS INC. offers portable, all-terrain LENTRY scene lights with LEDs. The units combine Honda Super Quiet generators with extendable, all-terrain legs and telescoping lights. Each 120-volt LED light generates 20,000 lumens of light, draws two amps and uses 240 watts. Each LED lamp head is comprised of 60 ultra-bright-white LEDs (48 for floodlighting and 12 focused spotlights). Multiple telescoping LEDs are available on a single portable light system. The lights are 3½ to nine feet tall with legs and lights that retract for storage and transport.

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Firefighter Nozzle

SCOTTY FIREFIGHTER has introduced the Scotty 4006 Pincher Nozzle, a flexible tipped nozzle the user can squeeze to change the spray pattern from a straight stream to a fan or slot pattern. The nozzle is manufactured from glass-reinforced, engineering-grade polymers to make it lightweight, durable and corrosion proof. It comes with a stream straightener to decrease flow turbulence and increase the reach of stream. It is rated for pressures up to 150 psi. The nozzle can be purchased with a D-handle pistol grip shutoff.

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