Scuttlebutt 3/12

Recognition for FDNY Bone Marrow Donors Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano, President and CEO of New York Blood Center (NYBC) Christopher D. Hillyer, M.D. and Chairman of NYBC’s Board of Trustees Howard P. Milstein, added the names of six FDNY...

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Paramedic Students Earn Scholarships

Angela Webb and Shannon Nowlan have been awarded the annual Joseph E. Rood, Jr. Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship, in honor of the late Joseph E. Rood, Jr. is awarded to students enrolled in the Paramedic Science program at Ivy Tech Community College in Evansville, IN. Each student will receive scholarship support for their spring tuition.

A Navy veteran, Rood worked at Deaconess Hospital for over 28 years, serving as an EMS Coordinator and a Clinical Quality Improvement Analyst. Rood was best known for his pioneering efforts in patient care and paramedic science, and while working at Deaconess Hospital he created a unique curriculum for teaching EMTs.


This Month in Fire History


March 1, 1911

The Weeks Act authorizes federal and state cooperation in forest fire protection


March 2, 1970

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) bans tetrachloride fire extinguishers


March 5, 1770, Boston, MA

A false alarm leads to confrontations that result in the Boston Massacre


March 10, 1941, Brockton, MA

The Strand Theater fire roof collapse kills 13 firefighters


March 17, 1631, Cambridge, MA

The first fire prevention legislation passed


March 18, 1951

Sparky the Fire Dog is “born”


March 19, 1896, New York, NY

Insurance groups form a committee to design what will become the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)


March 25, 1911, New York, NY

The Triangle Shirtwaist fire kills 145


March 25, 1990, New York, NY

The Happy Land Social Club fire kills 87


March 29, 1929

Michigan passes the first state law banning the public use of fireworks


Courtesy of NFPA


For details on fires that occurred 100 years ago this month, turn to Paul Hashagen’s “Rekindles” on page XX.