Firewire 3/12

Jan. 27: Ocala, FL - On arrival, firefighters found a twin-piston Cessna aircraft on fire, as well as the grass surrounding the aircraft. Sixteen firefighters manning six fire apparatus, including the aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) truck, responded to the scene. One person was killed and another was hospitalized. Photo courtesy of Ocala Fire Rescue

Jan. 1: Hamletsburg, IL – Investigators did not find the cause of a blaze that claimed the lives of three people. A fourth occupant escaped.


Jan. 2: Waynesburg, KY – Crews battled a suspicious fire in a lumberyard for the second time in two weeks. It was labeled as such because electricity to the warehouse was disconnected at the time.


Jan. 2: Weare, NH – Dozens of firefighters responded to a three-alarm blaze with combustible materials and no hydrant supply. Eight to 10 tankers were running between the scene and the water supply.


Jan. 8: Cookeville, TN – A late-night fire in a downtown restaurant left $70,000 in damage and posed a threat to adjoining buildings.


Jan. 14: New Haven, CT – Fire destroyed a pizza restaurant and led to a partial roof collapse. Firefighters rescued five people from the second floor, including three children, a teenager and an adult.


Jan. 31: Fairfax County, VA – Damage was estimated at $20,000 after an intentional fire in a single-family home. Fire crews conducted an aggressive fire attack using multiple handlines, containing the fire to one room on the second floor and the attic of the Cape Cod-style home.


Feb. 13: Chicago, IL – A 61-year-old grandmother succumbed to injuries suffered in a fire at her 1½-story home the previous day, which also killed her 7-year-old grandson.


Feb. 15: Las Vegas, NV – Three small children were fighting for their lives after suffering smoke inhalation from a fire in their downtown apartment. Las Vegas firefighters rescued the children, who investigators believe ignited the blaze when playing with a lighter or matches.


Thanks to contributors: David Bowen, Jay K. Bradish, Bo Power, Timothy R. Szymanski and Richard White.