New Products 4/12

Portable Tank System

ZIAMATIC CORP. has introduced the Model PTS-HA hydraulic portable tank system. With the PTS-HA, Zico combines its portable tank system design with the added strength and reliability of self-contained hydraulic actuators that create a stronger, more rigid system, allowing for a hard cover and one hard sleeve to be mounted directly to the tank box. The system securely stores a portable tank over the side compartments of an apparatus and lowers to a convenient height at the flip of a switch for quick, easy and safe tank retrieval.

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Specialized Apparatus For Power-Plant Protection

KME has introduced an industrial fire apparatus designed to protect power-generation facilities, including nuclear facilities. The truck is equipped with a Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) camera to detect and isolate hot spots that may be encased in metal housings. It carries 500 pounds of dry-chemical firefighting agent and a high-capacity foam system. The truck is mounted on an all-wheel-drive chassis and can flow a strong, steady stream of water when it is moving. The apparatus is equipped with a 6,000-watt generator and a 1,500-gpm pump.

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LED Handlight

STREAMLIGHT INC. has introduced the compact Night Com UV flashlight, featuring six UV LEDs to provide ultraviolet light for a variety of detection purposes. The light also provides a white LED for general and distance use. Offering three separate lighting modes, the lithium battery-powered light features a white C4 LED and a total of six UV LEDs, including three 365-nanometer and three 390-nanometer UV LEDs. A mode-selection switch lets users choose the desired lighting mode, including a high- or low-power white LED setting, or the UV LED setting.

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Multigas Detector

MSA has introduced the XCell low-concentration sensor for use with its ALTAIR 4X multigas detector. The sensor provides 0.1-ppm hydrogen sulfide (H2S) resolution with up to 100-ppm range. The sensor meets ACGIH recommendations to lower the threshold limit value (TLV) to 1 ppm. The unit tests for lower explosive limit (LEL), oxygen, carbon monoxide (CO) and H2S. The MotionAlert option tells others that the user has become immobile and InstantAlert provides a manual alarm to alert others of a dangerous situation.

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Alphanumeric Pager

USALERT has introduced the Alpha 2 alphanumeric pager, designed for alphanumeric, numeric and tone-only paging applications. The pager is operational in the VHF, UHF, Midband and 900-MHz frequency ranges. It is fully synthesized, has six cap codes, can handle up to 60 messages and features a large two-line, 18-characters-per-line display. Having separate receiver boards for wideband and narrowband operation, the pager is not only narrowband capable, it is narrowband compliant.

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Fire Protection Textbook

LYON’S PUBLISHING has released The Rural Firefighting Handbook, second edition, a guide to small community fire protection, by Dominic Colletti, a fire instructor and former assistant fire chief. The 278-page textbook provides detailed information on improving fire suppression for the small-community fire department. Topics include the “Big Five” – time, people, agent, hardware and procedures; water supply; the role of burn and response times in rural fire deaths; new technology; and how to maximize water delivery rates from draft, including troubleshooting fire pump priming operations.

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