Ocala Fire Rescue Awarded $499,500 Grant

Ocala Fire Rescue has been awarded a federal grant to provide firefighters with new life-saving equipment. The fire department was notified that it was approved to receive a $499,500 Assistance to Firefighters Grant. The grant money received will be used to replace seven sets of hydraulic rescue extrication equipment and 10cardiac monitor defibrillators currently in use.

“The cardiac monitor defibrillators and vehicle extrication equipment feature the latest technology that will help firefighters save lives in our community,” said Fire Chief Bradd Clark.

According to department officials, the average age of the existing vehicle extrication equipment is 11.5 years; it is reaching the end of their serviceable life, and does not meet current National Fire Protection Association standards. The cardiac monitor defibrillators due for replacement are between six and 11 years old and do not contain the latest technology that is available for paramedics to diagnose and treat life-threatening medical conditions.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grant award is funded 80% by federal funds with a 20% match by the department, which was provided from a trust from the Saupe family. The trust fund, received in 2011, was chosen for this project because of its long-lasting life-saving benefit to the citizens of the community. The fire department is grateful for the generosity of the Saupe family.