Tools & Technologies: Firefighter Turnout Gear: Why Is Fit Important?

Mark Mordecai and Pat Freeman explain why the days of building turnout gear that fits a "normal" range of firefighters are over.

Since patterns for turnout makes and models vary widely, your sleeve length will depend on how the jacket fits your chest/shoulders, the design of the armhole (where the sleeve is sewn to the jacket torso) and the contour of the sleeve. Remember that most people will require a standard-length sleeve; that is, a sleeve length that has been appropriately graded to the chest size. However, it’s always best to try on a reference jacket in the right chest size and then decide whether the regular sleeve length is correct or it should be adjusted.


Why fit matters

Next time you need turnout gear, make sure it really fits your body – and remember: There is no substitute for trying on sample gear and making choices based upon all of the dimensions of fit. n