Prevention Points: Ripped from the Headlines

Reading the news headlines of 2011, I have to wonder if we in the fire service have learned anything; especially after recently learning that the buildings which claimed the lives of two of our brothers in Chicago and another in Worcester had...

We know what the problems are! We know how to correct them! Even a child can figure it out. It is time for the fire service to learn from the very lessons it sees day in and day out. It is time for every firefighter in our service of brotherhood to apply those lessons every day they are in the public.

Will we prevent 100% of the fires? NO! Will every business owner see the woes of their ways and comply without pursuit? NO! But you never know what business owner, what business, or what violation will lead to the next blaze, civilian death or LODD.

Pay attention, learn, educate and prevent; or the next headline ripped may be yours. 

DANIEL BYRNE, a Contributing Editor, is a firefighter/paramedic, with the Burton Fire District in Burton, SC. A 20-year veteran of the emergency services, he holds both an associate and bachelors degree in fire science, is a National Fire Academy Alumni, and a veteran of the Desert Shield/Storm war with the U.S. Marine Corps. Daniel is the recipient of local and state awards for public educations and relations. Daniel is moderator of the Fire Prevention and Life Safety forums on Firehouse and has been guest on two podcasts: Fire Prevention Week 2011, 2010 Fire and Life Safety Roundtable and Developing and Adapting Successful Fire Prevention Applications. You can reach Daniel by e-mail at