Firehouse Expo 2012 Preview

Firehouse Magazine Editor-in-Chief and Firehouse Conference Director Harvey Eisner and Vice President of Firehouse Events Ed Nichols discuss Firehouse events, what’s new and what people can expect at this year’s Firehouse Expo, taking place July...

Nichols: We’re very excited to be working with Rosenbauer on bringing a Ride-and-Drive apparatus-driving demonstrationto Firehouse Expo this year. A lot of planning has gone into this event, which will allow guests of Rosenbauer to get behind the wheel of Rosenbauer apparatus. People interested in participating can reach out to their Rosenbauer dealer directly.

Eisner: Another Firehouse first, a Hands-On Demo, takes place on Friday afternoon. Where will it be and what will the attendees be able to see and do?

Nichols: We introduce hands-on equipment demonstrations at Firehouse Expo this year. On Friday, July 20, attendees will be able to go outside for multiple outdoor exhibits and hands-on opportunities.

Eisner: What can we look forward to with this year’s opening ceremonies?

Nichols: Last year, we paid tribute to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 during the opening ceremonies. This year, besides our traditional opening action video, one of our keynote addresses will focus on a graphic report on the preparations and response before, during and after Tropical Storm Irene in upstate New York, which caused utter devastation when over 18 inches of rain fell. Always supporting the efforts of the NFFF, if a new safety tape is available, it will be previewed. We are working on adding several other features.

Eisner: Free exhibit hall passes are available. How can a person who wants to see the opening ceremonies and exhibits obtain a free exhibit hall pass?

Nichols: We have a series of association partners and each of the over 400 participating exhibiting companies distributes the free exhibit hall passes that we have provided to them.

Eisner: Have you been working with the Metro Baltimore Fire Departments and how will that benefit the Expo?

Nichols: We’ve really rededicated ourselves to the local area, working very closely with Baltimore City Fire Chief James Clack and the metro-area fire chiefs. We got away from our core and those relationships and we’re very excited that, through efforts led by you, we have strengthened those relationships and anticipate an increase in attendance from the paid and volunteer ranks in Maryland and neighboring states this year.

Eisner: How can an attendee coming to Firehouse Expo for just a day find out about parking in the Baltimore Inner Harbor/Convention Center area?

Nichols: We know parking has been an issue. We’re working with the Baltimore Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Stadium Authority to identify lots, preferably at reduced rates, for our attendees. More information on parking, schedules of events and Amtrak or local mass-transit discounts can be found on our website,

Eisner: Are you working on any special programs for attendees?

Nichols: We are. All attendees are important; however, those reading this would be the first to tell us their needs and expectations are different – and they have – as we’ve spent the past year with focus groups in our efforts to continue to improve the experience at Firehouse Expo for our customers. This year, we will introduce a program for chief-level officers that will include a specific badge designation, an “Admiral’s Club”-type lounge, suggested education and exhibit product schedules and preferred access to the opening ceremonies and networking events. This is the first of what will become multiple programs designed to take the experience at Firehouse Expo from being part of the masses to a more customized, personal experience for our attendees.

Eisner: Attendees want to know where future Firehouse Expos will be held.

Nichols: We’ll be in Baltimore during the third week of July for the foreseeable future. We’re developing and growing great relationships with the fire service in Maryland. We have a number of new initiatives to improve the customer experience. Local businesses in Baltimore have really stepped up, and continue to step up, to let us know how important Firehouse and those who attend Firehouse Expo are to them and they are prepared to join us in improving that experience for attendees year after year.