New Products 8/12

Thermal Imaging Camera

SCOTT SAFETY has introduced the Eagle Attack tactical lightweight thermal imaging camera. Its high-resolution design provides users with great image quality and functionality not normally available in lightweight imagers. Developed for on-the-job reliability, durability and ease of use, the imager is one of the lightest and most portable imagers in the industry. The camera is equipped with an ample display, a high-degree dynamic range, class-leading resolution and high sensitivity for quick and easy fire analysis.

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Rechargeable Spotlight

STREAMLIGHT INC. has introduced a lithium ion rechargeable version of its Waypoint spotlight. The new handheld, pistol grip searchlight, featuring C4 LED technology, is designed to provide extremely bright lighting with an integrated long-range targeting beam. The waterproof light will float if dropped in water. The light’s deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long-range targeting beam while also optimizing peripheral illumination. It provides five hours of run time on the high setting, 50 hours on low and 35 hours in emergency-signal mode.

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Rearmount Ladder

KME has unveiled an all-new 123-foot AerialCat rearmount ladder with an unrestricted 500-pound wet/dry tip load and a 1,500-gpm waterway. Features include: 114-foot horizontal reach, even during setback building operations; a 2.5:1 structural safety factor, as KME’s ladders are constructed with 110,000-psi steel; Store Front Blitz, which lets the ladder be positioned below horizontal and flow a 1,500-gpm master stream above the centerline of the ladder; and stainless-steel bolt-on egress with knurled stainless-steel handrails and rungs, increasing safety and reducing possible paint damage typical at the ladder tip.

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Brushless Alternator

C.E. NIEHOFF & CO. has introduced the C527 pad mount, producing 170 amps at 200 degrees Fahrenheit at idle speeds, the highest power rating for an alternator to fit in the standard pad mount envelope. This unit is self-energizing and has remote battery voltage and temperature compensation capabilities. It also is equipped with the latest bearing technology to ensure years of service. The brushless design eliminates internal arcing making it ideal for operation in volatile environments.

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Picket Anchor Plate

RES-Q-JACK has released a picket anchor plate as part of a new line of stabilization and rescue accessories. The new picket anchor plate allows anchoring to multiple pickets without tying them together in a conventional 1-1-1 setup. The anchor plates are available in small and large sizes that allow for five and 11 pickets.

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Inspection Software

CAD ZONE INC. has introduced Inspector Tools FLP, a software program that lets fire departments manage fire safety building inspections, track code violations and issue building permits. The application provides a complete inspection history of an occupancy, including any code violations, as part of pre-incident plans. Inspector Tools FLP is a customized version of the Inspector Tools software published by RLS Data. A separate version, Inspector Tools Pro, has advanced features for managing inspections of large complexes, performing billing, managing billing assets, tracking complaints and creating custom forms.

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