Hot Shots 8/12

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, MAY 27, 2012 – Minneapolis crews were called to this three-alarm fire at the Walker Community Church as a massive storm swept through the area. Five firefighters were burned, one seriously, when the fire erupted on them while searching for the seat of the fire. Three aerial ladders and multiple handlines brought the fire under control.

Photo by Pete Matthews


LOS PADRES NATIONAL FOREST, CA, JUNE 16, 2012 – The Ozena Fire started in medium to heavy grass then moved into heavy brush and became wind driven. A strike team from the Angeles National Forest and units from Ventura County FD responded.  Three air tankers and three helicopters were also dispatched. The fire was held to around 300 acres but, if not for the great work of hand crews and other personnel, the blaze could have taken out thousands of more acres.

Photo by Mike Meadows


HIGHLAND PARK, MI, JUNE 12, 2012 – The Highland Park, MI, Fire Department responded with three engines to a fire in a vacant four-story building. Upon arrival they found the building well involved. Due to severe financial problems, Highland Park, a suburb of Detroit, only had six firefighters on duty. Detroit sent an engine, truck and chief and the city of Hamtramck responded with an aerial platform. There were no injuries and the cause of the fire is undetermined.

Photo by Bill Grimshaw


HOUSTON, TX, MAY 8, 2012 – HFD Engine 15 Engineer James Wathen radios command that he is hooked up in front of a fire that consumed a 200 x 50 foot vacant, two-story commercial building in North Houston.  District 31 Chief Kevin Carley summoned a 2-11 and 3 additional engines to control the fire.

Photo by Tom McDonald