Intrinsic Safety & Thermal Imaging

Brad Harvey discusses some of the various terminologies and addresses the environmental conditions that set the bar for electrical safety requirements.

The very topic of intrinsic safety (electrical safety) is multi-faceted and confusing, even for the experts; however, the terminology is quickly gaining ground in the fire service. Like any emerging idea, topic, technology or product, wise consideration must be given to exactly what one is trying to accomplish by purchasing an electrical safety-rated device. Next month, we will look at common points of confusion and how these standards are addressed from a product-development perspective.

BRAD HARVEY is the Thermal Imaging Product Manager at Bullard. He is a veteran of public safety as a firefighter, police officer and paramedic and is certified through the Law Enforcement Thermographers’ Association (LETA) as a thermal imaging instructor. Harvey has worked as a high-angle rescue instructor and is a certified rescue technician and fire instructor. If you have questions about thermal imaging, you may email him at