Commentary: Billy Goldfeder on FDNY's Decision Not to Support or Endorse the Remembrance Rescue Project

Loveland-Symmes, Ohio Deputy Fire Chief Billy Goldfeder, a contributor to Firehouse Magazine who runs the website The Secret List email group, responds to the FDNY's decision on July 27 to publicize the fact that it does not...

And we did.

Emotions run high when it comes to 9/11 and-as they do when any Firefighter is killed in the Line of Duty. And emotions should run absolutely high. The positive news is that the folks who run the Rescue Remembrance Project are removing the FDNY logos, affiliated emblems to make clear their mission. I and others have personally committed to help them get connected with each of the above listed organizations so they can gain the understanding and knowledge that is needed, as well as support, to make the Rescue Remembrance Project the success they envision. "Gray" areas, unclear communication and even the slightest questions on representation (as unintentional as it may be) related to tragic losses leads to high emotions, just as clear and improved communication clarifies a mission of trying to do the right thing.