Fire Wire 9/12

July 4: Pelham, NH – Fireworks ignited and exploded inside a home, injuring nine people including two children who were airlifted to Boston.


July 5: Virginia Beach, VA – Discarded fireworks in a trash can caused two homes to catch fire. Dispatchers received 59 calls related to fireworks between 10 P.M. and 3 A.M.


July 10: Meriden, CT – A vacant building was completely open when firefighters arrived upon report of smoke and found fire.


July 12: Columbus, OH – Freight cars packed with ethanol exploded after derailing, prompting a rapid evacuation of an urban neighborhood.


July 14: Foresthill, CA – Hot weather and steep, rugged terrain made it difficult for the 2,000 firefighters battling a wildfire. Five days later the blaze was considered contained after burning 2,250 acres.


July 15: Cookeville, TN – Fire destroyed a detached garage in a residence, causing an estimate $30,000 loss.


July 24: Las Vegas, NV – One firefighter was injured at the scene of a house fire ignited by unattended cooking. The fire began in a guest home before spreading to a motor home and then to the main home.


Thanks to contributors: Don Bain, David Bowen, Donald E. Brady, Bo Power, Timothy R. Szymanski, Richard White.