Firehouse Humor: The Ultimate Prevention Solution?

Firefighters who do prevention consistently ask how they can get support from those firefighters who are on the rigs. Fire stations abound with hallway echoes of “those prevention people” and “those suppression people!” (I am being nice, G-rated...

We all come to work with the same passionate intention to protect others; and that is the basis from which to work while trying to sway the “rig riders” to appreciate and support the role of prevention. Humor, as dark and direct as it can be, is a tool even the most scarred veteran can appreciate and indentify with. It can be disarming and non-threatening, and it’s an accepted conflict resolution tool used to advance any “theory.” For those of us in prevention, it is a flanking attack in lieu of the always less successful, and more bloody, frontal assault.

It was a moment I will not soon forget; if for no other reason than the humor that is surely coming my way once this article is printed…and that’s ok…bring it on!