New Products 10/12

Multigas Detector

MSA has introduced the ALTAIR 4X multigas detector with XCell Sensor technology. The unit detects lower explosive limit (LEL), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and oxygen (O2). The new sensor technology features a typical life of more than four years. The MotionAlert sensor activates when a user becomes disabled and motionless, quickly alerting others to the disabled user’s location. And with the push of a button, the InstantAlert feature enables users to manually alert others to potentially hazardous situations.

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Firefighter Handlight

STREAMLIGHT has introduced the Knucklehead Spot, a new version of the Knucklehead work light. The light, featuring C4 LED technology, penetrates dense smoke, fog and mist with up to 11,000 candela for high visibility at a fire or accident scene. The light’s articulating head can rotate a full 360 degrees and pivot up and down 210 degrees. The Knucklehead Spot operates on a nickel-cadmium battery that can be recharged up to 1,000 times and also is available in an alkaline battery model that uses four AA batteries.

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Rescue Tool Frame

VENTRY SOLUTIONS INC. offers a new line of LENTRY Legs that fit Genesis Eco Silent Simo power pumps or Holmatro DPU 31 PC pumps, increasing their life-span, ease of setup and functionality. Engineered to overcome unpredictable terrain and withstand rough handling, the legs extend as needed, yet retract for storage and transport. Each leg adjusts and locks independently. With the legs, pumps can straddle obstacles such as debris, hose and rocks. They are lifted up out of the snow, sand or standing water.

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Wireless Headset System

DAVID CLARK CO. has introduced a line of wireless communication products and systems that offer greater freedom, safety and awareness, as well as clear communications for firefighters and rescue personnel. Personnel can move about without being tethered to vehicles or apparatus. Components include headsets in a variety of styles, wireless belt stations and gateways – all designed to stand up to the harshest environments. Wireless systems are compatible with David Clark Series 3800 wired systems and with most HF, VHF and UHF radios.

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Folding Pistol Grip Kit

TASK FORCE TIPS has introduced the HM792-KIT folding pistol grip kit, designed to save valuable storage space for firefighters. The folding pistol grip cuts three inches off storage space, deploys and locks on demand, and retracts with the push of a button. It saves room on high-rise bundles and fits easily into crosslays, as its unique design allows it to fold down and store right up against the hose. The kit fit every handheld nozzle TFT has made since 1995.

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Magnetic Whiteboard

MAGNATAG VISIBLE SYSTEMS has introduced the Training-Tracker magnetic whiteboard to help fire, rescue and EMS companies increase volunteer retention and safety. The board provides up-to-date listings officers can consult to see who is progressing and who needs help in a class. Boards can be custom printed with title and training-protocol column headings at no extra cost and include flip-over “Do/Done” magnets to show training status. Each board has spaces for 20 to 120 members and features permanently heat-fused printed lines on porcelain-like steel and top-quality whiteboard construction.

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