Apparatus Showcase

ALEXIS  The Saunemin, IL, Fire Protection District operates an Alexis custom pumper/tanker built on an HME 1871 MFDxL chassis powered by a 360-hp Cummins ISC engine with an Allison 3000EVS transmission. The apparatus features a 2.500-gallon poly...

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The Capon Springs, WV, Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company has taken delivery of a Dodge 5500 brushfire unit equipped with a Cummins engine, 200-gpm Waterous pump, Waterous Aquis foam system, 10-gallon foam tank, 300-gallon poly water tank, ROM shutters, and Kussmaul Auto Eject. Photo by Dennis C. Sharpe



The West Chester, PA, Fire Department’s Fame Fire Company No. 3 has taken delivery of an E-ONE CR 137 aerial ladder built on an E-ONE Cyclone II cab powered by a 550-hp Cummins ISX engine. Components include a 137-foot aluminum ladder with a 2.5-to-1 structural safety factor, seating for six, V-MUX multiplex electrical system, backup camera, wireless intercom system and 10-kilowatt generator.



West End Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 in Stowe, PA, operates a Ferrara Igniter MVP apparatus equipped with a 450-hp Cummins ISL9 engine, Hale Qmax150-23 pump, 750-gallon UPF Poly Tank III tank, Fire Research PumpBoss pressure governor, 20-kilowatt Smart Power generator, 6,000-watt Will-Burt Night Scan light tower, Hannay electric reels, Kussmaul Auto Eject, Bostrom Secure-ALL SCBA seats, ROM shutters and Whelen LED warning lights. Photo by Dennis C. Sharpe



Citizen’s Fire Company No. 1 of Mount Holly Springs, PA, operates a Firematic B.R.A.T. (Brush Rapid Attack Truck) built on a Ford F550 4x4 extended chassis. Components include a heavy-duty aluminum fabricated flatbed, 350-gallon Pro Poly skidmount water tank, 10-gallon foam cell, Hale HPX200-B23 pump, Hale Pro Kit stainless steel inlet and discharge manifold, Scotty Around the Pump Class A foam system, Hannay electric reel, ROM rollup doors and Whelen LED emergency lighting. Photo by Joel Gebet



The Wharton Barrett Volunteer Fire Department in Wharton, WV, responds with a Firovac-Reberland mini-pumper built on a Freightliner M2-106 chassis with a 260-hp Cummins engine. Components include a 1,000-gpm Hale MBP pump, 344-gallon poly water tank, 30-gallon foam tank, FoamPro 1600 foam system and Whelen emergency lighting. Photo by Dennis C. Sharpe



The Town of Beaver, PA, Volunteer Fire Department operates a Ford F550/Sabre Equipment Sabre-LITE rescue equipped with a Powerstroke engine, Fire Research scene lighting, Kussmaul Auto Eject and LED warning lights. Photo by Dennis C. Sharpe



The Westwood Fire Company in Coatesville, PA, responds with a 4 Guys pumper/tanker built on a Spartan Gladiator chassis. Components include a 550-hp Cummins ISX engine, Allison 4000EVS transmission, 2,000-gpm Hale Qmax pump, 3,000-gallon UPF poly tank, 15-kilowatt Harrison Hydra-Gen generator and Whelen LED emergency lights. Photo by Joel Gebet










Freightliner trucks are engineered to support a wide variety of bodies and chassis-mounted equipment. The 114SD, M2 112 and M2 106 are designed for outstanding maneuverability, visibility and comfort with a 2,500-square-inch windshield and excellent quad cab width, head and leg room that accommodate five firefighters and four self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) seats.



Polk County, OR, Fire District 1 has taken delivery of two H&W Pacific Emergency Vehicle Group Tsunami tenders. Each unit is built on a Kenworth T-800 chassis and features a 500-hp Cummins ISX engine, Allison 4500EVS automatic transmission, 3,000-gallon steel tank, Waterous CX 1000 pump, side and rear dumps, under-tank storage for a portable tank, a full hosebed and an aluminum body with large storage compartments. 



The Yaphank, NY, Fire District responds with a Hackney heavy rescue built on a Spartan Gladiator ELFD chassis powered by a 600-hp Cummins ISX engine. Components include a 24-foot Hackney body with drop/pinch frame, 16,500-pound winch in extended front bumper, 9,000-pound portable winch, Fire Research Spectra LED floodlights, Fire Research Optimum floodlights, Hannay electric rewind cord reels and TNT hydraulic hose reels.