Product Showcase 11/12

Force 6

FORCE 6 Swift Water RescueTec PFD (personal floatation device) is a UL-listed and United States Coast Guard-approved Type 5 Professional Swiftwater Rescue PFD. The RescueTec PFD is feature loaded including a removable left-front pocket, dual 1½-inch QR belts for throw bag attachment, waist belt with Gripp-Loc to prevent ride up.

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MARSARS’ Ice Rescue Safety Shuttle is a prime example of bringing safety to the rescue community. Features for safer use include: Rescuer is positioned six to seven feet from victim; Empty sled is extended as a “reaching device”; For self-rescue attempt, victim places forearms thru orange-colored sling…Or, buoyant sling outfits the disabled; plus much more.

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The OCEANID RDC water rescue craft is the only multiple application, all-season, multi-environment emergency response craft that can handle nearly all water, ice, mud, snow, flood and low head dam rescue requirements. With a single SCBA bottle, the RDC goes from storage bag to deployment in about one minute.

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TechTrade LLC.

Ready-Heat II from TECHTRADE LLC is the first responder solution for active patient warming during water and ice rescue. Once removed from the outer protective bag, the blanket warms in minutes and maintains six hours of active warmth. The Ready-Heat II is a fully disposable blanket consisting of 12 thermal pads for full body warmth.

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