Restoring the Flame at the U.S. Fire Adminstration

Next year marks the 40 th  anniversary of the landmark report, "America Burning." A must-read for fire service officials, "America Burning" brought together many of the brightest minds in the fire service to develop a report that captured the...

If the fire service wants to remain relevant at the federal level, we’ll need a strong, vibrant and effective federal agency that will have the ability to grow, explore, and create rather than contract. This is something we should all think about as we approach 2013 and the 40th anniversary of "America Burning".  Regardless of the outcome of the November elections, both Congress and the Administration will continue to scrutinize federal programs and agency budgets for cuts or elimination.  This is a town where the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Together, we should apply our collective efforts in 2013 to providing as much grease as possible to USFA; otherwise, the 40th anniversary will come and go with little to celebrate.

Download the "America Burning" report in PDF format here.