Scuttlebutt 12/12

Firehouse App Wins Editorial Award The July issue of the Firehouse Limited Edition App was named Best B2B App (Editorial) at the recent min’s Editorial & Design Awards. The award committee said, “The July edition of Firehouse’s editorial app...

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The  FPVFD invites any other fire departments who may have obsolete equipment to join with them in supporting the IFA with additional donations of apparatus and equipment.  If you are able to participate in this effort, please contact Assistant Chief Chuck Keel at 973-377-3241 or contact the IFA at


Paying Homage to the Volunteers

Marek Fuchs is a writing professor at Sarah Lawrence College, the former New York Times “County Lines” columnist and – most importantly – a volunteer firefighter. Fuchs pays tribute to his volunteer brothers and sisters with the new book Local Heroes: Portraits of American Volunteer Firefighters. Traveling around the country with Ian Spanier, a well-regarded photographer, Fuchs chronicled some of the most interesting volunteer firefighters – and firehouses – in the nation.

“Firefighters are the unsung local heroes of every community,” said Fuchs. “They protect our towns and cities, risk their lives and give up their free time when the alarm sounds.”

Fuchs and Spanier take a glimpse into the lives of these men and women, all of them volunteer, including an Emmy-winning songwriter, an arborist, a lawyer and a topographic mapmaker. They also experience a sampling of life at firehouses from around the country, including a 100-year-old department in a small New York town and an ""Old South"" department in one of America's poorest counties.

Local Heroes is available on, Barnes & Noble stores and other bookstores around the country.


HFSC Addresses Residential Sprinkler Water Supply and Usage

In communities across the U.S. and Canada, a growing number of one- and two-family homes are being built with fire sprinkler systems. But when questions and confusion arise about water supply, they can hamper installations and result in needless costs to homeowners.

To answer common questions about sprinkler technology and provide detailed information about its life-safety and environmental benefits, the nonprofit Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) has developed Understanding Water Supply for Home Fire Sprinkler Systems, funded by a FEMA Fire Prevention & Safety Grant. 

“There has been a clear and growing need for better understanding about fire sprinkler systems in homes and water supply for several years,” says HFSC President Gary Keith. “In particular, misinformation within the water industry results in unnecessary and costly sprinkler add-ons and unfair fees that penalize homeowners who just want greater fire protection for their families.”

Understanding Water Supply for Home Fire Sprinkler Systems includes a comprehensive DVD video that provides an overview of residential sprinkler systems and a full explanation of water supply, connections and usage. It features several local fire and water officials who share their own experience with the systems locally. A detailed brochure complements the information within the DVD. To download or order the free materials, please visit HFSC online at



This Month in Fire History


December 1, 1958, Chicago, IL

Our Lady of the Angels school fire kills 95


December 5, 1876, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Theater fire kills 295


December 16, 1835, New York, NY

Great New York fire destroys New York Stock Exchange


December 18, 1964, Fountaintown, IN

Nursing home fire kills 20


December 20, 1970, Tucson, AZ

Pioneer Hotel fire kills 28


December 22, 1910, Chicago, IL

Stockyard cold storage fire kills 21 firefighters


December 30, 1903, Chicago, IL

Iroquois Theater fire kills 602


Courtesy of NFPA


For details on fires that occurred 100 years ago this month, turn to Paul Hashagen’s “Rekindles” on page XXX.