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Lending a Hand (and a Truck) to Kosovo When Jakup Jahiri came to Mason, MI, to visit his son, he returned home to Viti, Kosovo, with much more than memories of a fun trip. While in Mason, the then Mayor of Viti, noticed how much fire equipment this...

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Understanding Water Supply for Home Fire Sprinkler Systems includes a comprehensive DVD video that provides an overview of residential sprinkler systems and a full explanation of water supply, connections and usage. It features several local fire and water officials who share their own experience with the systems locally. A detailed brochure complements the information within the DVD. To download or order the free materials, please visit HFSC online at


Memphis FD Receives Grant to Aid in CPR

The Memphis (TN) Fire Department has been provided a $240,000 grant from the Assisi Foundation of Memphis to purchase the latest and best mechanical CPR technology available to save the lives of victims suffering a cardiac arrest.

The grant will allow the Memphis Fire Department to purchase 17 LUCAS chest compression systems. The LUCAS device is an external device that provides chest compressions during CPR, allowing firefighter/paramedics to focus on other therapies.
“We believe this technology will allow us to provide even better care for our patients,” said Fire Director Alvin Benson. “Providing manual CPR can be difficult, inconsistent and tiring. The LUCAS system will give the patient high-quality, continuous and consistent compressions without interruption.”
Commenting for the Assisi Foundation, Executive Director Dr. Jan Young said, “Reports on the use of mechanical CPR devices have been very positive. The Board of Directors for the Assisi Foundation is pleased to make this type of investment for the well being of the community in partnership with the Memphis Fire Department.”


This Month in Fire History

Jan. 1, 1853, Cincinnati, OH: The first fire engine is tested

Jan. 5, 1985, Erath, CA: Texaco gas plant fire causes $51 million in damages

Jan. 6, 1961, San Francisco, CA: Thomas Hotel fire kills 20

Jan. 10, 1976, Fremont, NE:  Pathfinder Hotel fire kills 20

Jan. 11, 1820, Savannah, GA: Fire damages 463 houses

Jan. 12, 1908: Boyertown, PA: Rhodes Opera House fire kills 170

Jan. 14, 1969, Pearl Harbor, HI:  USS Enterprise carrier fire kills 24

Jan. 27, 1967, Cape Kennedy, FL: Apollo 1 launch pad fire kills all three crew members, including Command Pilot Virgil “Gus” Grissom, and causes $413 million in damages

Jan. 28, 1986: Challenger spacecraft explosion kills seven

Courtesy NFPA

For details on fires that occurred 100 years ago this month, turn to Paul Hashagen’s “Rekindles” on page XXX.