Rekindles 1/13

PRINCETON, NJ: JAN. 1, 1913 – Alexander Hall, the oldest building of Princeton Theological Seminary, was damaged by an afternoon fire. Flames broke out on the fourth floor and spread. Firefighting was delayed as the town’s fire engine was involved in a collision on its way to the fire. After a two-hour battle, the fourth floor and belfry of the structure, built in 1815, were destroyed.


NEW ROCHELLE, NY: JAN. 12, 1913 – The plant of the Thanhouser Film Co., including the studio, indoor theater and dressing rooms, was destroyed by an afternoon fire. The flames broke out around 1:30 P.M. in the perforating room and spread to every part of the large two-story building. The structure was fully involved within five minutes. The fire produced spectacular flames as the building’s chemical contents burned with a fury. Employees scrambled to save film and camera equipment and a young boy had to jump from a window. The fire spread to two other buildings.


NANAIMO, BRITISH COLUMBIA: JAN. 15, 1913 – As it was leaving this Vancouver Island port, the ship Oscar, loaded with a cargo of 2,000 cases of dynamite, caught fire. Crew members battled the flames, but quickly realized they could not stop the fire. The ship was beached on Protection Island and the crew members ran for their lives. Several minutes later, the explosives detonated, shattering every window facing the waterfront.


ST. ANTHONY, ID: JAN. 22, 1913 – Flames were discovered in the Ross Hamer block, the largest building in town, just after 7 A.M. The building housed the First National Bank, Consolidated Wagon and Machine Co., Chase furniture company, a Bell Telephone exchange and offices as well as professional offices. The fire completely engulfed the building and spread. Driven by strong winds, the flames leaped across several nearby buildings and set them ablaze. The Rexburg Fire Department responded on a special train to aid the beleaguered local firefighters, who were battling a vast spreading fire, extreme cold and frozen water mains.


NEWARK, NJ: JAN. 26, 1913 – A blaze broke out in a watchman’s shanty and spread to the car barns of the Bergen Street Line of the Public Service Corp. The fire then spread to a six-story tenement next door, trapping occupants. Two small children were rescued from the fire escape as the fire continued spreading to nearby homes. In all, 13 trolley cars, two snow plows, the car barn building and several dwellings were destroyed.