Special Free Career Track at Firehouse World

Firehouse World, being held in San Diego Feb. 17 - 21, is offering a unique package to all students who are on their journey to join the ranks of the fire service.

This package is free and includes two sessions focused on given an upper hand at the tedious hiring process for the position of firefighter: "Getting Hired as a Firefighter in 2013: How to be the Best You Can Be" and "How to Master the Fire Service Testing Process," both being presented by Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski. 

The unique program also offers networking opportunities and the chance to get hands-on with the latest equipment available to firefighters.

The track is being held on Wednesday, Feb. 20 and repeated on Thursday, Feb. 21. 

Learn more at: http://firehouseworld.com/future_firefighters.php?t=events